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Who We Are

An innovative training and employee development firm located in southern Vermont since 1984, we specialize in helping organizations get the most out of their people by raising the bar, inspiring potential, and partnering with organizations to build a people-centered and high-engagement culture.

Our Clients

Our clients are typically fast-growing organizations who realize that to be successful requires the ability to master a changing work environment, unite diverse perspectives from all areas of the organization, engage in process improvement, and promote continuous innovation of products and services — all to satisfy increasingly demanding customers.

Our Reputation

Our firm’s reputation for excellence is built on several key principles:

Our Commitment

The number one defining characteristic of success in organizations is people and how they work together. Successful organizations have the right people, capitalize on competencies and talents, see the shared vision and create a motivational environment.

Our firm’s reputation for excellence is built on several fundamental principles: the importance of delivering the highest quality service and products delivered on time and as expected; the value of creating a non-threatening environment where people encourage each other to learn new concepts and strategies; and our desire to promote and sustain long-term and mutually satisfying relationships with our clients.

Our Quality Service

For quality service to be delivered, it has to come from the very roots of an organization. New Directions Consulting has designed a 9-step quality service Initiative that transforms customer service levels and consistency within 18 months.

Our nine step process includes:

  1. Setting up a cross-functional quality leadership team

  2. Surveying external customers

  3. Surveying internal customers

  4. Defining quality service values

  5. Launching improvement initiatives that save money and time

  6. Developing organization-wide service standards and service level agreements

  7. Developing a quality improvement suggestion system

  8. Initiating sub teams to work on specific improvement areas

  9. Learning to measure and maintain metrics

We also offer a number of quality service products:

Find Your Rental and Lease Agreements

Our customers have often asked us where they can find a quality lease agreement template to rent a property for their office. So, we’ve decided to gather these documents in one place for your convenience. We’ve analyzed hundreds of resources and engaged lawyers to help us with this task. You can be sure that the following lease agreement forms are quality and lawyer-approved. You are free to use them no matter if you need to rent the premises to hold a workshop or establish your office—these agreements can be used for both short and long-term tenancies.

The standard form is a Lease Agreement Template. It outlines all the necessary terms and helps establish successful landlord-tenant relationships. The primary lease terms include parties’ contact details, term of the agreement, deposit and rent amounts, late fees, and notice details. People sometimes think that oral arrangements may be sufficient when they’re renting certain premises. However, it’s highly recommended to use a written agreement to ensure that each side understands their responsibilities, thus, avoids any misunderstandings.

Many of our customers dream about their own office or house. But it may be an expensive idea for them to bring to life. That’s why we’ve prepared a Rent-to-Own Agreement template to allow your dreams to come true eventually. A rent-to-own agreement allows you to rent the property with the option to buy it at the end of the tenancy. Apart from the basic lease terms, this document should indicate the option to purchase the property, the purchase price, and the earnest money deposit.

If you are a tenant, you may also sometimes lease premises using a Sublease Agreement. This agreement allows an original tenant to sublet a part of the landlord's property—a room, basement, or garage. A sublease agreement should include such essential terms as the parties' information, premises description, term of the agreement, security deposit, and rent amount. Do not forget to mention the original lease details. Note that the tenant may only sublet the property with the landlord's written consent.

A Room Rental Agreement is used to rent out a room and can come in handy for landlords and tenants who are allowed to sublet the property. Sometimes, room rental agreements are confused with roommate agreements, but you should know the difference. A roommate agreement is signed between roommates, that is, the tenants living at the same property. These agreements usually outline the roommates’ duties and responsibilities, including expenses, guest and pet policy, and quiet hours. A landlord has no connection with this agreement.

When you need to lease the premises for your office or shop, you should use a Commercial Lease Agreement. This type of lease is usually long-term, for example, for five years or more, and is more complicated than a standard lease agreement. It’s necessary to specify the demised property and a clear description of how you can use it. A commercial lease should also include shared areas, parking lots (if any), rent amount, and operating costs (like utilities, real property taxes, etc.).

It’s necessary to mention that lease and rental agreements are not the same. A lease agreement is also known as a fixed-term agreement and allows a tenant to lease the property for an extended period, for example, a year. A rental agreement is used to rent the property regularly, for example, on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis. The most common type of rental agreement is a Month-to-Month Rental Agreement. A month-to-month tenancy means that the rental agreement renews automatically every month. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to rent the premises and allows you to terminate the tenancy at the end of the month (with advance notice).

Check Out the Other Services


A current trend emerging in all industries is the need for an outside facilitator or "ring leader" for company events and meetings. In New Directions' minds, leaders need to focus much more on content and the relationships within the event. An outside facilitator can help run the actual process and structure of the event—making sure things go smoothly.

The most common uses for New Directions’ facilitation skills include event design, meetings, board retreats, conferences, strategic planning sessions, and most recently, marketing, and social media facilitation.


More than a “survey monkey,” our team of consultants helps plan, design, implement, analyze, and compile results for clients who have surveying needs. From beginning to end, New Directions can act as a full-service surveying organization. This includes designing the survey questions, using our database to generate the actual survey, administering follow-up calls, emails, letters, etc. A value many clients experience with New Directions is our ability to analyze the data, put it in a comprehensive, readable report, and offer recommendations and strategies to address weaknesses.

Why NDC Surveys

We also provide 360-degree leadership and supervisory surveys for individual coaching, which compile results from direct reports, customers, project team members, and the like. We utilize this surveying vehicle as a preliminary step in our coaching services.

We also provide organizational and strategic assessment tools that result in a baseline measure before introducing change. We then re-survey once the change initiatives are implemented to demonstrate the levels of improvement achieved. In a world that is becoming increasingly focused on Return on Investment, surveying is an attractive support vehicle.


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